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Special Offers on Fresh Meats

Our special offer prices on a wide range of day to day meats bring you top value for money.

Fillet Steaks 8oz £6.98 each
Sage & Onion stuffed Turkey Escalopes  (wrapped in Smoked Bacon) £2.75 each
Gammon Steaks 5lb for £8.25
Belly Pork Slices 5lb for £9.90
Minced Beef 5lb for £13.98
Pork Chops 5lb for £10.89
Braising Steak 5lb for £16.39
Rindless Back Bacon Rashers 5lb for £10.98
Minced Pet Food £1.50 per Bag

 In stock: long matured Black Hereford beef roasts and steaks—surely the most tender and tasty in the world.